Martella’s Pharmacy interfaces with the industry leading QuickMar CareSuite resident care management software. QuickMar CareSuite makes care management accurate and easy, regardless of computer proficiency. With QuickMar, nursing personnel can easily manage the entire medication lifecycle:

    •    New Order Entry by the Pharmacy
    •    Medication Order and Delivery
    •    MAR Updates, Recording Medication Passes
    •    Medication Destruction and Returns
    •    Completing Scheduled Cycle Fills
    •    Ongoing Communication with our Staff

Martella’s Pharmacy offers QuickMar at no cost to its customers.

Contact us for more information on how to get QuickMar started at your facility.  For immediate assistance, contact Dan Golby at (814) 341-1138.

If your facility already has an Electronic Health Record in place, Martella’s Pharmacy has the flexibility to interface directly with your current EHR software. You can either e-mail us your contact information or call Dan Golby (814) 341-1138 for immediate assistance.