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medi-pac sample

medi-pac sample

Medi-Pac Medications are packaged in daily, easy-to-open, tear-off packets. Packets are easy to carry and ideal for day trips and extended travel.  No more bulky bottles to pack. 

Medi-Pac packaging system is pre-packaged by your trusted Martella's Pharmacist. No need for you or your caregiver to organize your bottles of pills. Each packet contains your daily medications and tells you the day and time to take them. We can also include over-the-counter medications and supplements, with your prescriptions.

There is peace of mind, knowing you're taking the right medications, at the right time, every day!

No more bottles. Medications arrive in your personal, monthly Medi-Pac box, in easy to tear strips, stamped with detailed dosage instructions.You many choose to pick up your Medi-Pac box at your convenient Martella's Pharmacy location or have it delivered to your door, FREE of charge.

Medi-Pac prescription labels are located inside the Medi-Pac box. This prevents labels from being visible to family members and house guests.