What is Medi-Pac? 

Martella’s Medi-Pac replaces multiple prescription bottles with one easy-to-use packet.  Medications are packed in daily, easy-to-open tear off packets.  Your prescriptions, over the counter medications, and vitamins can be packaged together, organized by day, dose, and time – into one monthly strip for daily medications at the right time, every time. Medications arrive organized within your own monthly Medi-Pac box.  There is no more confusion about what medication to take, when to take it or if you already took it.   Medi-Pac eliminates the need for a caregiver to organize your bottles and pills. 

Is my prescription or insurance plan accepted at Martella’s Pharmacies?

Martella’s pharmacies accept most insurance plans.  Call any of our locations and ask one of our pharmacists if your medications will be covered. 

Does Martella’s Pharmacy charge the same co-pay as other pharmacies? 

Your co-payment for prescription drugs is the same at any pharmacy that accepts your insurance plan. 

Can I refill my prescriptions online? 

Yes. You may refill your prescriptions online by selecting the tab “my medications” near the top right of the home page.  That tab will take you to the Martella’s Health Mart Pharmacy log in screen.  Upon initial set-up you must register on this page.  Once a username and login is established, you may click on the “Prescription” tab at the top of the page to proceed with prescription refills. 

I routinely pick my medications up at my local Martella’s Pharmacy, but would you deliver if I have a sick child at home that needs medication? 

Yes. Martella’s Pharmacy offers free delivery Monday-Friday, to your home or your office, regardless of the circumstances!

How can I transfer my prescriptions to my local Martella’s Pharmacy? 

You can either call your local Martella’s Pharmacy or stop in to ask a Pharmacist to arrange for the transfer of your prescriptions. We do all the work.