Martella’s Pharmacy offers various levels of consulting services based on our customers needs. For example, our consultants conduct a monthly review of patient charts, they make recommendations to prescribing physicians and conduct inspections of medication cart and storage areas. Consultants are available either as an ongoing or an as needed basis.

Consultants look for occurrences such as:
    •    Is there a treatment associated with a diagnosis?
    •    Are gradual dose reductions performed according to Federal Guidelines for all anti-depressants and anti-psychotics?
    •    Is lab work being monitored appropriately to avert potential drug toxicity?
    •    Are there any allergies or contraindications to therapy?
    •    Are patients free unnecessary or duplicate therapy?

All consultants are members of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists. Our consultant pharmacists are experts on CMS guidelines for skilled nursing care regulations and the Department of Public Welfare regulations for personal care homes.

We provide educational In-Services such as:
    •    Diabetic Training
    •    Medication Administration
    •    Chronic Disease Medication Management (High Blood Pressure)  
    •    Mediation Safety
    •    New Medications on the market

Contact us to discuss your specific consulting needs. For immediate assistance, with consulting services contact Joe Martella at (814) 242-1136.